Your local fly shop is the best resource for buying the perfect flies for wherever you are fishing. The below illustrations can give you a better idea of why trout flies are designed the way that they are.

Images provided by our friends at Umpqua.

Mayfly Hatch

Mayfly Hatch

Mayfly Nymph
A)Mayfly Nymph

Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear

Mayfly Emerge
B)Mayfly Emerge

Spot Top Emerger

Mayfly Adult
C)Mayfly Adult

Loopwing Paradun

Caddisfly Hatch

Caddisfly Hatch

Caddis Larvae
A)Caddis Larve

Zwing Caddis

Emerging Caddis
B)Emerging Caddis

Ultralight Emerger

Adult Caddis
C)Adult Caddis

Elk Hair Caddis

Stonefly Hatch

Stonefly Hatch

Stonefly Nymph
A)Stonefly Nymph

Sparkle Body Stone

Stonefly Nymph
A)Stonefly Nymph

Kaufmanns Stone

Stonefly Adult
B)Stonefly Adult


Stonefly Adult - Improved Sofa Pillow
B)Stonefly Adult

Improved Sofa Pillow

Terrestrials Hatch

Terrestrials Hatch

Ant - Chernobly Ant

Chernobly Ant

Flying Ant
B)Flying Ant

Flying Ant

Foam Beetle

Foam Beetle

Dave's Cricket Fly

Dave's Cricket

Dave's Hopper - Grasshopper Fly

Dave's Hopper

Midges, Scuds and Leeches

Midges, Scuds, and Leeches

Midge Pupa - Chironomid Pupa Fly
A)Midge Pupa

Chironomid Pupa

Hunchback Scud Fly

Hunchback Scud

Wooly Bugger Leech Fly

Wooly Bugger

CDC Midge Adult Fly
D)Adult Midge

CDC Midge Adult

Dragonflies and Damselflies

Dragonflies and Damselflies

Dave's Dragonfly Nymph Fly
A)Dragonfly Nymph

Dave's Dragonfly Nymph

Fluttering Dragon Adult Fly
B)Dragonfly Adult

Fluttering Dragon Adult

Barr's Damsel Nymph Fly
C)Damselfly Nymph

Barr's Damsel

Parachute Damselfly Adult Fly
D)Damselfly Adult

Parachute Damsel