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The VICE is a classically styled, fast-action rod range designed to be accessible to all anglers. The multi-modulus carbon fiber blanks offer increased levels of recovery for casting with greater accuracy and control, and the subtle design touches like black anodized snake guides, laser -etched reel seats, and saltwater-grade components all work together to create a fly rod that anglers can't resist. It's available in a wide range for specialty sizes for unique applications will not only feed a fishing habit, buy may just transform it into a VICE.

  • Easy-casting fast action
  • Anodized machined aluminum reel seat, ideal for all water conditions
  • Laser-etched model reference on reel seat for quick rod identification
  • Durable cordura rod tube with built in rod dividers
  • Lifetime Warranty

VICE 4-Piece

Weight (oz)
5-5021T-376-4VICE 376-4A7' 6"32.3$199.99
5-5021T-386-4VICE 386-4A8' 6"32.6$199.99
5-5021T-486-4VICE 486-4A8' 6"42.7$199.99
5-5021T-4906-4VICE 490-4A9' 0"42.8$199.99
5-5021T-586-4VICE 586-4A8' 6"53$199.99
5-5021T-590-4VICE 590-4A9' 0"53.1$199.99
5-5021T-596-4VICE 596-4A9' 6"53.1$199.99
5-5021T-690-4VICE 690-4A9' 0"63.2$199.99
5-5021T-690-4SVICE 690-4SB9' 0"63.4$199.99
5-5021T-696-4VICE 696-4B9' 6"63.6$199.99
5-5021T-790-4VICE 790-4B9' 0"73.6$199.99
5-5021T-796-4VICE 796-4B9' 6"73.8$199.99
5-5021T-7100-4VICE 7100-4B10' 0"74.1$199.99
5-5021T-890-4VICE 890-4C9' 0"83.9$199.99
5-5021T-8100-4VICE 8100-4C10' 0"84.2$199.99
5-5021T-990-4VICE 990-4C9' 0"94.1$199.99


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Lifetime Warranty