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Vapen Black

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The Vapen Black features our signature PowerGrip, a custom collaboration with Winn Grips (of golf fame), as an option within our Vapen collection. PowerGrip is a non-slip polymer grip technology that reduces fatigue and amplifies power. The most award winning rod of 2013.
  • All water, fast action rod
  • X-Wrap graphite technology for maximum vibration dampening, strength and torsional stability
  • PowerGrip, featured on the Vapen Black and Vapen Red, is a non-slip polymer grip technology created in conjunction with Winn Grips and to reduce fatigue and amplify power
  • Integrated composite cork on the Vapen Black and Vapen Red for superior durability
  • Carbon fiber reel seat insert with custom anodized highlights
  • Machined hidden hook keepers
  • Alignment dots for easy setup
  • Durable cordura rod tube with black suede rod sock
  • Lifetime Warranty

Vapen Black 4 Piece

Weight (oz)
5-5017T-490-4Vapen 490-4BA9'0"43.2$349.95
5-5017T-590-4Vapen 590-4BA9'0"53.2$349.95
5-5017T-690-4Vapen 690-4BA9'0"63.4$349.95
5-5017T-690-4SVapen 690-4SBB9'0"64.2$349.95
5-5017T-790-4Vapen 790-4BB9'0"74.2$349.95
5-5017T-890-4Vapen 890-4BC9'0"84.3$349.95
5-5017T-990-4Vapen 990-4BC9'0"94.4$349.95
5-5017T-1090-4Vapen 1090-4BD9'0"105.1$349.95
5-5017T-1290-4Vapen 1290-4BE9'0"125.8$349.95

Vapen Black

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Lifetime Warranty

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