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The two-month closure has ended, and since re-opening, the fishing out at the big, ancient, salty lake has been amazing. I felt that with the vast size of Pyramid Lake, being 11 miles long, 4 miles wide and covering an area of around 188 square miles, the closure wouldn’t affect it much, but like I said, the break has left the Lahontan Cutthroat in Pyramid Lake very aggressive and ready to eat.

We arrived on re-opening day around 5:30 am expecting it to be insanely crowded, since only a few beaches are open to fish, but to our amazement the crowds were fairly thin. We got in the exact spot we wanted to fish and as soon as there was the slightest hint of light on the water we starting hooking them. We fished a rocky area of the lake where bobber fishing was most effective. Most days at the lake anglers spend the entire day staring at their indicator waiting for the slightest movement. Like clockwork one's bobber dunks under as the mind begins to wonder, resulting in a missed opportunity and possible 30 pound fish. Every now and than then lake becomes hot and when your bob is getting dunked at a consistent rate can make for one hell of a day. This day happened to be one of those days. Everyone landed several fish, with some being close to double digits. Before we left the skies opened up and reminded us of the other reason we get out on the water, good times being in nature with our closest of friends.

Since the re-opening of the lake I have been out a few other days with even better results, more insane numbers and some fish over 15 pounds. The reports from the small stretch of fishable water have all been the same, high numbers of fish being landed everyday with some very large fish in the mixed. In all of the years as a fisherman and a guide at Pyramid Lake this is without a doubt some of the best fishing I have ever seen. Sure, there has been years or months with crazy number of fish, but the size of fish being caught on a daily basis is why many are calling this place the "Jurassic Lake" of the north.

The limited access has the lake opened from North Nets to Shot Dog up north. If you are unaware of the lake be sure to look at a map, the rangers have been out in force, and we were checked twice in one day. If you aren’t familiar with the lake a smart bet would be to fish where everyone else is. The type of beach that you go to is going to determine what technique will work best. If you chose a place that is rocky this would be a great time to try a few nymphs under a bobber. If you are at a beach with a sandy smooth bottom, try stripping a woolly worm with a popcorn beetle. With not many options to fish in California, Oregon and Nevada due to high water, Pyramid Lake is your best bet to catch the fish of a lifetime.

The Big Lake Setup


The 8100-4 produces the line speed to fire lasers into the wind with backbone to turn any monster of the deep into a guppy, while leaving you with enough cash in the bank to try your luck in "The Biggest Little City" later that night.

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