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I'm the same as the next guy on the river. I am a fly fisherman.

Escape to Montana’s legendary Bighorn River with Rich, a fly angler and hard-rock miner from Billings who works hard to play hard no matter the season. He understands what it means to be a contradiction, and his story highlights the nuanced relationship every angler has with the river. At the end of it all, though, Rich understands one vital truth about his identity. He's a fly fisherman, just like the rest of us.


We often get questions about the gear used in our films, or the right gear for specific fisheries, so check out the below products we used on this shoot if you're curious. The perfect streamer rod or lightweight trout reel can make or break a day of fishing, and the right pair of waders will keep you on the water through tough Montana winters. Check it out!

Bighorn Sticks


Tossing streamers on the Bighorn in the late season means heavy flies and sink tips. Check out the PREDATOR for that -- 9'6" 6WT for extra reach from the boat. For traditional tactics like dry flies or indicator fishing, good luck finding a better fast-action value than our VICE rod. A 9' 5WT is always a sure bet.


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Streamer Stick

All Around Angling



There's nothing better than a casting experience that doesn't leave you fatigued at the end of a long day on the water. The RISE reel is perfect for that, with its lightweight design and smooth carbon drag. For trophy trout on streamers, check out the BEHEMOTH, which features the most powerful drag in its class.

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Heavy Duty

Winter Wading


For solid performance in all conditions, the durability and value of our Sonic-Pro HD Waders is unparalleled. When it comes to icy conditions and tailwater traction, check out our rubber-soled Prowler boots and wade with confidence.

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    Sonic-Pro HD Waders

Sonic-Pro HD

Prowler Boot