New to Fly?|The Right Gear

The Right Gear

We've provided an overview of the items available to help you feel comfortable and confident on the water.
Essential Gear:
  • Wading Boots keep you on your feet! There are options for soles: Felt Sole, Rubber Sole, and studded traction for both felt and rubber soles. Felt or Rubber soled boots are just fine for the beginning angler. Rubber soled boots are required in some places due to the spread of aquatic nuisance species. Rubber soled boots can help prevent the spread of 'aquatic hitchhikers' but more importantly, it can be prevented by cleaning your gear after fishing. Learn More about cleaning your wading gear from
  • A Hat is a true 'must have' on the water, both to block the sun's harmful rays and to help shield your eyes to better see the fish and your flies. Styles include: a standard ball cap, longbill for more coverage, full-brimmed for maximum sun protection, or a stocking cap for warmth. The choice is yours!
Essential Accessories:
  • Polarized sunglasses are a "must have" accessory for any fly angler to better spot fish and minimize eyestrain and fatigue. Sunglasses also protect your eyes from rogue casts.
  • Clippers or nippers, for cutting tippet, the tail ends of knots, etc.
  • Zinger, for holding your nippers or hemostat.
  • Hemostat (a clamp or forceps used by anglers) for removing flies from the mouths of trout, and for pinching down the barb on the hook.
  • Nail knot tool, for helping you quickly tie leader or backing to fly line.
  • Fly floatant, for helping the fly stay afloat on top of the water. This is powder or liquid that you apply to your dry fly to keep it from being saturated in water.
  • Extra packages of tapered leaders or tippet spools to replace knotted or worn leaders.
The Extras:
  • Fly Fishing Vest - A pocket for every fly box. A home for every gadget. Vests are great because they let you carry all the tools you'll need on the water, plus anything else that you may want to store.
  • Waist Pack or Chest Pack are becoming ever more popular for holding your fly box, tippet and extra tools.
  • Non-slip Devices - Not only is it no fun falling in the water and getting wet, but doing so in a heavy or even moderate current can be extremely dangerous. Safe wading is happy wading and items like Goat Head Sole Spikes and a Wading Staff will help you navigate a slippery stream bottom with confidence.
  • Fly Boxes - There are many styles of fly boxes available today. It is best to match your fly box to the types of flies they will be storing. For example, dry flies will do well in a compartmentalized box so that their hackles don't get crushed, while foam insert boxes are ideal for keeping wet flies and nymphs sorted and untangled.
  • Special Accessories:

    • Rod and Reel Cases protect your equipment when not in use.
    • Landing net ' makes it easier to land your fish once it is within reach and helps gently control the fish for easier hook removal and release.
    • LED headlamp aids with night fishing and is useful in emergencies.
    • Insect repellent ' just be sure not to get this on your fly line or fly!
    • Lip balm and sunscreen
    • Waterproof, fast drying and quick drying apparel for optimum comfort on the water.
    The Skinny on Fly Lines

    Matching your fly line to your rod and your fishing conditions is very important. The right fly line can help you properly deliver your fly to give you the best chance of getting a fish to eat it. Choosing the right fly line for how you intend to fish (dry flies, nymphs, streamer fishing) is a critical first step and we want to help make it easier for you. Here are some helpful tips and resources to help you choose the right line:

    • Talk to your local fly shop and ask for a line recommendation to match your intended fishing environment.
    • Research fly line manufacturers online. Our friends at RIO have a user-friendly Buyer's Guide for purchasing the right fly line.
    • When in doubt, match the weight of your rod to a weight forward floating line, i.e., 5wt fly rod and reel would take a 5wt line.
    • Buy a Redington outfit that is pre-spooled with the proper fly line per the rod and reel. Our combo outfits are designed to take the guesswork out of getting you properly outfitted so you can start catching fish from your first trip, on.